The baltic sea. Want to go there.
On my way.
hey there by ivivalamolly
  by felix . on Flickr.
Photo12_12 by 12Pauses on Flickr.
Pool Steps (by bac1967)
untitled by juliakatephoto on Flickr.
Chill Summer Night by almostlikeyou featuring an element bag
untitled by Monica Forss on Flickr.

Tasty Blood.

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I’d really like to lay on my couch with a 3DS and some nice games. Someone please bring me that, kthx.

Yesterday, I came home from our 4-day-field trip to the north sea and I’m so exhausted it’s not even nice anymore. Also: I posted a few impressions of said trip on my flickr. Check them out if you haven’t done that yet. :)

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