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This semester, I’m attending a class on molecular geobiology

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29. November 2013: I’m going home for the weekend, mainly celebrating my grandma’s birthday and looking at and poking and playing with the cute little children that my cousins (aged 3 and almost 1) produced. 

See you all soon, have a nice weekend!

15. October 2013: Today was my first day of uni. I signed up for a pumping course which was great but I have to cancel it though. After showering and drying my hair, I arrived 13:55 at the building with class starting at 14:00. And the time I took to shower might have been a new record, even for me - a fast showerer (lol?!). Duh, and I really lack motivation for this semester. Glaciology seems to be a great class though. So, yay.

11. Oktober 2013: My train leaves in 2 hours, I was out last night and I got cold feet. I’ll be visiting my parents this weekend and start uni on monday (I don’t have any lectures on monday, so I start tuesday). Yesterday there was a session where every module was presented and it looks like everything I chose will have to do with lots of maths and physics and that is quite shocking but then again I don’t want to take other classes. So, brain up! I can do it!

13. September 2013: My cousin just married in Las Vegas. I’m stoked. 

6. September 2013: Second week of my internship is over, it’s a major waste of time and I have 3 more weeks to finish my final paper. I’m always tired, panicked and generally miserable. And I’m going for a run now to cheer myself up. At least there’s going to be a thunderstorm this weekend.

27. August 2013: Yesterday, when I rode back home from uni, something flew into my eye and it hurt until the evening. Now my right eye lid is swollen from all the crying and I have to leave the house in an hour. Great thing.

13. Aug 2013: Yesterday and also today I spent a lot of time in the library, working on my bachelor’s thesis. I was there with two of my friends so one feels watched and actually works. But now, after only 2 days, I’m already exhausted and that’s a pity. But then again I have my intro and methods down, I will work on results tomorrow and then there’s only discussion and conclusion left to do. Let’s hope my supervisor approves of the things I did and wrote so far.

8. Aug 2013: I started planning my birthday party on saturday and it’s really quite an adventure. I’m really bad at estimating how much people might drink and eat. And since I don’t really drink myself, I got a friend to come and buy alcohol for all my guests tomorrow. But what I already did is making a playlist. So at least music’s been taking care of.

This day didn’t turn out that fine, so I’ll just play Pokémon Emerald until i snooze off.

Today, I made stuff. Lazy afternoon.

I’d really like to lay on my couch with a 3DS and some nice games. Someone please bring me that, kthx.

Yesterday, I came home from our 4-day-field trip to the north sea and I’m so exhausted it’s not even nice anymore. Also: I posted a few impressions of said trip on my flickr. Check them out if you haven’t done that yet. :)

21. July 2013: I really need to get out there and run. It’s 8.25 am and the sun is shining. And in an hour there will be lots of people and nordic walkers and the park will just be so crammed. And I’m so exhausted (from sleeping, yes).

19. July 2013 (2): Why did I even bother looking at the courses I can choose in the master’s program? I found out that 1. I actually have to define what courses I will take and then I won’t be able to change them. 2. the module Climate Change is mostly about modelling and has an oral exam. It would go well with Glaciology, I think. Biogeochem is really interesting but I don’t think it fits my other courses well (enough). But it has a written exam. Why do I freak out about oral exams. that. much. Why do I even freak out NOW? I’ve got 3 more months to decide but I guess I will have trouble sleeping tonight anyway. Gosh.

(I should just have gone to bed an hour ago)

19. July 2013: Today, I was in the lab with an indonesian guy and we talked a little and he complimented me on my english skills but I always feel really awkward when speaking english. And I hate how sometimes I just can’t express myself for a lack of thesaurus (related to spontaneity). :(

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