Good morning.
Rain was coming. (better photos soon. I took 420 pictures so far and we still have 4 more days in the field. It’s plenty of fun though and I got lots of amazing shots and saw a lot of beautiful nature.)
Sauerland aus dem Bus
This place was mysterious.
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Field trippin’.
Fieldtrip was 👌

Oh look, a personal post that you may read if you want to

This semester, I’m attending a class on molecular geobiology

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29. November 2013: I’m going home for the weekend, mainly celebrating my grandma’s birthday and looking at and poking and playing with the cute little children that my cousins (aged 3 and almost 1) produced. 

See you all soon, have a nice weekend!

15. October 2013: Today was my first day of uni. I signed up for a pumping course which was great but I have to cancel it though. After showering and drying my hair, I arrived 13:55 at the building with class starting at 14:00. And the time I took to shower might have been a new record, even for me - a fast showerer (lol?!). Duh, and I really lack motivation for this semester. Glaciology seems to be a great class though. So, yay.

11. Oktober 2013: My train leaves in 2 hours, I was out last night and I got cold feet. I’ll be visiting my parents this weekend and start uni on monday (I don’t have any lectures on monday, so I start tuesday). Yesterday there was a session where every module was presented and it looks like everything I chose will have to do with lots of maths and physics and that is quite shocking but then again I don’t want to take other classes. So, brain up! I can do it!

13. September 2013: My cousin just married in Las Vegas. I’m stoked. 

6. September 2013: Second week of my internship is over, it’s a major waste of time and I have 3 more weeks to finish my final paper. I’m always tired, panicked and generally miserable. And I’m going for a run now to cheer myself up. At least there’s going to be a thunderstorm this weekend.

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