The baltic sea. Want to go there.

Nebel am Morgen - Stadtwald by mnphoto

This morning was rather foggy. Check out my new photos.
Bremen Stadtwald, 2014 by mnphoto
coffee lover. by agnsun
untitled on Flickr.
Hipsters On Bicycles (by chuckt808)
What’s in your bag? on Flickr.
I’ll be off Mon – Thu. Field trippin’. 
NO queue, so don’t wait for my posts. Go outside and enjoy the summer!
C U. :>
So today I woke up to this.
(by Emm Enn)

35mm or 50mm f1.8 ?

So today I was outside to take my 3/52. This is what I looked like. My photo for this week will be sharp though. :> Also I should mention that I don’t have an AF Lens, so my self portraits are always highly experimental:
focusing, jumping into the round about right spot, waiting for the shutter, checking the focus. This can be frustrating but also really overwhelming when you find the focus on first try.
Ljuslykta (by Emm Enn)

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