Out of bed hair style

Hauptsache glücklich! :)
Good morning.
Time to study, time to snack wisely!

I’ve got a revelation: Pears are even better than apples!

 by ªs strawberries in summertime
Yummy Strawberries (by Rare-Pearl)
Juicy (by Pavement-artist)
at home. (by mani katz)

broken-shoelace said: A healthy relationship with avacados is something I desired for all my life. It almost seems like avodados are jealous of my perfect relationship with aubergines! Sigh... :)

Good Morning. :)

Still Life in Limited Palette (by Wylie Maercklein)

I didn’t make it to the grocery store today, so I’m out of apples AND bananas. This means there’s a sunday and monday without bananas in my oatmeal ahead. :(
(Writing field trip report. cursing field trip reports.)

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