7. February 2013: Today sucked. And didn’t. I blew my exam. I went to the  orthopaedist who couldn’t really help me at all. I got offered an internship. 3 of my toes are swollen and itchy. I have to work tomorrow. I’m going to bed now, I’ve got enough of today.

16 Jan 2013: I got up at 7:something, checked my mails and googled the last problem I had with the ps2 slim. Learnt a little, then went to the city, bought a controller and SCART adapter. After that, my day consisted of Kingdom Hearts and Learning geotechnology-stuff, tea and eating unhealthy cornflakes. Then more PS2. And less learning. Unfortunately I don’t like Kingdom Hearts that much anymore. I crave FFXII but it’s about 400km away from me. I forgot it at my parents’s house. Heck no to that. :(

Top Artists 2012
Great great great flickr stream!

_____24. August 2012:

  • Purity Ring, Grimes and Freelance Whales
  • editing photos

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Last night I showed my mother this photo  and she said I looked a lot like my grandmother, her mother. I agree. In that photo my grandmother is about 14 years old.

Running July/04

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______25. July 2012

  • sunbathed at the lake
  • swimming
  • fruit & balisto!
  • went running for 30 min, split in 3 pieces. It was exhausting. (4 pm)
  • went through 3 swedish units

______23 July 2012:

  • finished Earth after Us. You can read a german review here and an english one here (soon). check out tellyouthestories anyway. Go!
  • booked my flight to Edinburgh ♥
  • ran 8,4 km.
  • sunbathed on the balcony
  • had rice pudding with fruit ♥
  • listened to The War on Drugs (Check out their song Brothers)

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______21 July 2012

  • grocery shopping
  • also: I went to the market, got avocados for quite little money
  • (note to self: go to the market more often, it’s great!)
  • run 12 km
  • strawberries, banana, kiwi and pizza
  • read book

______20 July 2012

  • run (74 Min!)
  • sunbath (The sun was actually shining this morning!)
  • eat yummy things
  • receive package with diary , a game and reading stuff
  • Tonight I’m going to a friend to celebrate the end of exams for this semester!
  • YAY.

________19 July 2012

I went to the city today, it rains off and on. I took some pictures, and I saw a “shopping lifestyle sucks”-graffiti.

Then I did some shopping myself, came back with a new top (10 €) and undies (10€) and bras (16 €) and a rain cover for a backpack (13,50 €) and 2 new books (5 €) and a notebook for field notes (3 €) AND a full tummy (3,50 €).

I really tried to find something at H&M because I’ve got a 20€ voucher. For 2 years. I still got 10c on it.

Now it’s raining again but I’m inside and I listen. The pressure on my right ear is back and I hear less. That sucks, I thought it vanished.

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______to do: Fri, Sat, Sun and Mon:

  • learn & solve assignments (4–6 h)
  • finish & practise presentation (2 h)
  • run 7 k (1 h)

By tuesday this stress will be over. By tuesday this stress will be over. By tuesday this stress will be over. By tuesday this stress will be over.By tuesday this stress will be over. ♥


  • field work 
  • sun
  • bike

I feel exhausted but the nice kind of exhausted. :) planning a biking tour around town. everything looked quite lovely where I biked today. There were houses from the 19th century, lots of wide meadows, cows, fresh air, wind. I also took my camera and I hope the pictures will turn out alright. :)


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