Ich, heute, am Chillaxen, wie die coolen Kids sagen.
Wochenende. ._.

Tony Hawk needs to get on this cat’s level.

Me, skateboarding, the early years.

perfect sunday morning. by coffeestainsandcigarettes
view from the window by Thunderi
untitled by yossy | apt2bbakingco
L O V E by Nastya Jour on Flickr.
All rights reserved by Vanessa Liddell
Have a nice weekend!


Four days ago a lightning storm Scared Pikachu into the night. As it poured on the tent, all I could think about was how I had lost him on our first trip. It was the worst time of my life. I found myself there again, but now in a predator filled valley.
The following night he came back to the tent meowing, but as I walked towards him, he scurried off. There was no trace of him for the rest of the night. If I would have known that would be the last time I would look into his eyes, I would have sat there across the dirt road, and listened to his story. He was enjoying the world, and would rather chase after mice than be cooped up in the tent with me. The traps I set have since turned up empty.  searching in the woods today I found his lifeless body. His coat still soft, but no more meows, No more squeaks, or face rubs in the morning, just one extremely broken heart.
I loved him dearly, and this is tearing me apart. :(
Please keep him in your hearts today, Remember him as the tiger he thought he was.  #pikafriends

This is so sad. RIP adventurer cat.


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